Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Few Things You Can Take on Faith

God knows ahead of time the exact place and moment of every person's conception and death. Therefore, committing murder and rape is just carrying out the plan of God (You go, Scott Roeder!)

According to the Commandments, rape and slavery aren't off limits, but heaven help you if you work on a Sunday or cuss.

I've already broken nine of the Commandments many times over and am surely condemned to Hell. What difference does it ultimately make if I break the 10th?

God forgives all in His eternal benevolence even when I once again take a crowbar to my neighbor's head and steal his money. Or when I kidnap another child and make her my sex slave.

The Earth is just a pitstop to a greater, more meaningful place. Do to it what you want.

Condoms are sinful. Just ask the Pope. Even here in this AIDS stricken part of Africa.

According to my religious leaders, I will be made a martyr and clear a way to heaven for all my descendants by crashing this airplane into this building built by infidels.

Some FACTS to consider:

According to a survey of developed democracies taken by The Journal of Religion and Society, societal dysfunction correlated strongly with religious belief, i.e. the more devout the country, the more societal dysfunction. This correlation was stronger even than factors like wealth, as the US, wealthier but more devout, had more dysfunction than poorer, less devout countries.

WITHIN the US, crime and social dysfunction is higher along the Bible Belt than in less devout areas.

In the general US population, 8-16% identify themselves atheists, within US prison populations, 0.21% identify as atheists, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Republicans tend to be more devout than Democrats.

--Anson Jew